Top Ten List for Installing a Window Air Conditioner

1.) Make sure you have the right type of window needed to accommodate the unit. Is it a double hung window? If your window slides from side to side you need to look at a slider casement type.
2.) Measure the width and height of your available space to install the unit. There is nothing worse than installing that air conditioner on a simmering hot day only to find out that it doesn’t fit your space.
3.) to insure you have the right Btuh size, use this simple formula; take the total square footage of the area you want to cool and multiply that number by 30. You will need 30 Btuh’s per square foot to cool your area and remember BIIGER IS NOT BETTER!
4.) Pick a window away from direct sunlight, air conditioners installed within a shady area can run up to 10% more efficiently.
5.) Remember that once the window air conditioner is installed it makes it more difficult to clean your window, clean it first before you install.
6.) Make sure that you have the correct power requirements, some units use standard 115 volt service while others use 230/208 voltage.
7.) You will need a three prong outlet, should have a dedicated circuit and avoid using extension cords as they are not recommended.
8.) Some window air conditioners can be pretty heavy, don’t be afraid to ask for help.
9.) Read and follow manufacturers directions for installation and use.
10.) Window air conditioners should be installed with a slight pitch towards the back to prevent condensate from leaking into the room and make sure you fill the gap between the window frame and sash with foam that is usually provided which keeps hot air out and cool air in.

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Window Air Conditioners from LG


LG Window Air Conditioners, great pricing…

Life’s Good with LG Electronic Window Room Air Conditioners in 2015. All items will be featuring the Environmentally Safe “Green” R-410A Refrigerant to help protect our Ozone layer for future generations. In addition many of the new items this year will be Energy Star rated saving you money on your energy bills this year. With a full line up of Cooling only as well as Cooling with Electric Heat Air Conditioners, LG can take care of your every need. Most items have Electronic Controls along with a Remote Control and offer numerous fan and cooling speeds that will allow you to relax on those long hot Summer days.

LG offers a wide range of Air Conditioners from 6,000 to 24,000 BTUh’s featuring Digital Timers, 4 Way Air Deflection and Automatic Restart function making their line one of the strongest on the market today. Life is Good, Safer and the living is easy with LG Window Room Air Conditioners